What is a Micro Market?

Micro markets have become extremely popular for those with busy, on-the-go lifestyles. These food markets are helping people stay healthy even when they don't have time to put together a wholesome meal. Kwik Vending offers vending services for businesses and organizations in Utah, including micro markets. Below, we'll go into more detail about micro markets. Contact us to get started today.

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What is a Micro Market?

Micro markets are mini-markets that offer a variety of healthy food and drink options that are unattended. You can think of them as the "grab-and-go" section at your local convenience store.

woman shopping at kwik vending micro market

How Do They Work?

Your employee or customer simply shops the micro market, makes their food and/or drink selection, and then pays for the items at a self-checkout kiosk. Most micro markets, including those services by Kwik Vending in Utah, offer a variety of payment options to make it convenient for the customer, including pay by phone, credit and debit cards, and even fingerprint readers.

man shopping at kwik vending micro market

What Are the Benefits of a Micro Market?

As an employer or an organization, micro markets have very little overhead, making them affordable to operate. You only need a small space and an internet connection. When you partner with Kwik Vending in Utah, the rest is taken care of for you: restrocking, operation, and the payment technology.

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Is a Micro Market for You?

A micro market is a great perk to offer your employees and a great way to keep them healthy. Instead of just grabbing your typical junk food from a vending machine, Kwik Vending can stock your micro market with healthy alternatives your staff will love. They are also great as stand-alone stores, too.


Kwik Vending in Utah is your choice for micro market services. Our team has years of experience and makes it super simple for you. We understand you are busy, so we do all of the management. Get in touch to get started today!

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