Types of Businesses That Could Benefit From a Micro Market

Micro markets are mini-supermarkets that are gaining a lot of ground in the corporate world and as stand-alone stores. They offer very little overhead and a lot of convenience to staff and customers. Kwik Vending offers micro market services in Utah that offer healthy food and drinks. Below, we'll go over just a few of the businesses that could benefit from a micro market. Contact us to get started today!

healthcare workers

Hospitals and Other Healthcare Facilities

One of the biggest advantages of a micro market is that they offer contactless payments. As self-paying entities, your healthcare staff simply chooses their items and then pays via their phone, credit card, or even fingerprint. It's a great way to provide healthy food choices for your staff, while minimizing the spread of germs, too.

manufacturing workers

Businesses With Irregular Shifts

Many types of businesses that operate 24-hours a day, such as manufacturing facilities, utility companies, and others have employees that work irregular hours/work schedules. A micro market could be a huge boon to these employees who need a healthy snack at all hours of the day and night without having to pay an attendant.


Professional Businesses That Tend to Work a Lot of Hours

Professional businesses whose employees tend to work a lot of hours would most definitely benefit from a micro market. These would include accounting firms (especially during tax season), lawyers, consultants, and more. They can easily grab a snack when they are working late to provide them with much-needed fuel.


Large Retail Spaces & Malls

Similar to professional businesses, retail employees can work long shifts, especially during the holiday season. Having a micro market that serves their needs, as well as can be used by shoppers on their all-day shopping ventures, is a win/win for all!


Kwik Vending offers micro markets throughout Utah for all types of businesses. Keeping your employees healthy is important, and we aim to partner with you to achieve that mission. To get started, contact us today!

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