Steps to Getting a Micro Market Installed

If you are interested in having a micro market installed at your business in Salt Lake City, you may be wondering what are the steps involved. Kwik Vending offers micro markets, vending and coffee services, and catering for your business. Below, learn the steps to getting a micro market installed, and call us for a free quote today!



First, you should decide on the location of your micro market inside your business. Will it be near the entrance? In the basement? It's best to choose a location that is convenient to your employees and customers, but that won't be in the way.

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Decide Your Food Offerings

Once you've decided on a location, you'll need to decide on your food selection. This is crucial since you want your micro market to be helpful and beneficial to your employees and guests. Here at Kwik Vending, we specialize in supplying healthy food choices for you.

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Make Sure You Are Powered Up

Since most micro markets are unmanned and rely on self-pay options, you'll want to be sure your micro market has ready access to power for your kiosks and payment methods. Investigate the best payment vendors for the best experience.

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Connect With a Top-Rated Micro Market Installation Company

You should look for micro market installation companies in the Salt Lake City area. Kwik Vending has been offering our services since 1984. We work with you to offer exactly what you want, and we'll work within your budget. Call us to install your micro market today!


Kwik Vending offers micro markets for your business's needs. Our team has years of experience and can offer helpful advice on the entire micro market installation process. Get connected with us today!

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