4 Tips to Improve Your Company's Food Options

If your company is like most, the food options in the cafeteria or break room are not the most exciting or nutritious. Luckily for you, Kwik Vending can help. We offer micro markets, as well as vending machines that are packed with wholesome, nutritious food for your Utah business. Here are four tips to help improve your company's food options, and contact us today!

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Add Healthy Snacks & Drinks

Healthy snacks and drinks can be a great addition to your Utah company's food options. Adding items like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and yogurt can help employees make better choices during their breaks. Plus, it gives them "brain food," so they can be more productive throughout their day.

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Encourage Your Employees to Bring Their Own Food

Encouraging employees to bring their own food from home can also help improve the quality of the food options at your company. This can be done by providing refrigerators and microwaves in common areas, making it easy for employees to pack their lunches.

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Educate Your Employees About Healthy Eating

Educating employees about healthy eating habits is another great way to improve the food options at your company. You can do this by hosting educational workshops or lunch-and-learns about nutrition, or by providing healthy eating tips and resources on your company's website or intranet.

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Install a Micro Market

By installing a micro market from Kwik Vending, you are giving your employees amazing food options. All of our food is freshly made by your chefs and in-house dieticians, so you can rest assured your employees are getting healthy food options.


To get started with Kwik Vending's micro markets, contact us. We'll walk you through our setup process, answer any questions you may have, and get your employees great-tasting, healthy food they will love. Reach out today!

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